ground rules

Civility  I’ve always appreciated the motto of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC): “In Essentials, Unity. In Non-Essentials, Liberty. In All Things, Charity; Truth In Love.” We can respect one another despite any differing beliefs. As the saying goes, we can agree to disagree.

Disclaimer  I take full responsibility for the views expressed on this blog. You can’t blame my church for my smug hypocrisy, my condensing demeanor or my blatant stupidity. You can’t blame my wife for letting me speak so freely, she doesn’t proof what I write. And you certainly can’t blame God for opinions I share that aren’t correct. The views I hold are at best under construction, and what God has to say trumps anything I say.

Links  Although I share links that lead would you elsewhere, I only endorse the views and opinions I have the guts to share.

Borrowing  If you find something here you like and want to pass along I only ask you make mention of where you found what you like on your blog or elsewhere. And if it’s something I wrote the same goes, I’m only asking for the same courtesy I’d give you.

Comments  I’m more than willing to post your comments—once I see them that is. This is a blog so comments are appreciated. Vulgar and hateful talk won’t be tolerated however.  Comments should contribute to the collective good—if it’s obvious that there is an ulterior agenda behind them, they will not be approved.


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